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Effective Cloud Security Programme, Part 1

In the same way that happens for any IT system, the main security goals are: Assess the risk level Protect assets reducing risk through mitigation strategy ...both goals in the most cost-efficient and business enabling way. To assess a cloud-based system architecture security posture we need to identify and structure a well-defined set of dimensions (metrics) that can be measured against such cloud system. Having that risk assessment then will drive the development and risk governance strategy including refactoring efforts in a more efficient and coherent way. This is true whether we are considering a single system or, especially, a set of independent systems. This is key in larger, more structured organizations. Frameworks like OWASP SAMM (Software Assurance Maturity Models) show us a way to approach such an assessment challenge. Having cloud-specific metrics and the right incentives in the organization hierarchy is a must to successfully deploy and drive a security enhanceme